arcinterior was established in Cape Town by João Barkley in 1996, after being assigned to execute renovations and alterations to a Hospital in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.

arcinterior has conducted joint ventures with firms which perform interior design work for commercial buildings and hotels.

arcinterior commenced with design work for new and existing private residences, primarily in prestigious housing estates with specific design rules.

arcinterior offers a specialist stylising service, including the renovations of old structures or the enhancing of new structures.

arcinterior’s approach is driven by its unique method of relating to a particular context, program and site which reflects diversity.

arcinterior turnkey (space custom design/planning, selections, procurement, liaison with the project team), thus relating to the philosophy of “designing whole worlds of all dimensions”, where history is always present.

arcinterior’s Global Client Portfolio: South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Italy,UK, Portugal, Holland, USA and Australia.

“Designing is where passion, history, creativity, era, art, geometry collides in a dance of constellations.”
João Barkley